Sunday, February 1, 2009


(Brew #21; Brewed January 19, 2009)

Based on MoreBeer! kit #170


8 lbs ultralight malt syrup

4 oz maltodextrin

1 lb Crystal 40°L malt

8 oz Black Patent malt

4 oz Chocolate malt

1 tablet Whirfloc clarifier

1 oz Glacier hops (bittering)

1 oz Cascade hops (aroma)

1 vial White Labs California Ale yeast (#WLP001)

Added grains in grain bag to 3 gals. cool water and allowed to steep until liquid reached 170°F. Removed grains and brought wort to boil.

Added malt extract and bittering hops. The kit instructions indicated adding the maltodextrin at this point but I forgot about it until minute 50 of the boil, so I added it then. I also added 2 gals water to make it a full-boil, and boiled for an additional 20 minutes.

Added bittering hops and boiled for an additional 1 minute, and removed pot from heat. Topped off with 1 gal distilled water.

Total boil time: 1 h. 16 min.

Pitched yeast at 84°F

Gals. in fermenter: 5