Sunday, November 4, 2012

West Coast Red Ale

Brew #: 29

9 lbs. light LME
1 lb. Crystal 40L malt
1 lb Crystal 75L malt
5 oz Pale Chocolate malt
3 oz Chocolate malt
2 oz Carafa II malt
1 oz. Magnum 14.5%AA hop pellets (60 min.; bittering)
1 oz. Cascade 6.2%AA hop pellets (10 min; flavor)
1 oz. Columbus 15.2%AA hop pellets (10 min; flavor)
1 oz. Cascade 6.2%AA hop pellets (0 min; aroma)
1 oz. Columbus15.2%AA hop pellets (0 min; aroma)
3 vials White Labs WPL001 California Ale Yeast

1. Steeped grains in 1.5 gals water until reached 160F.
2. Sparged into 4.5 gals in kettle, with enough water to bring kettle level to 6 gals (24 qts).
3.  Brought to boil.  Turned off heat and added LME, bringing kettle level to 7 gals.
4. Brough back to boil, added bittering hops, and started clock.
5. At 10 mins to end of boil added flavouring hops
6. At end of boil, removed from heat and added aroma hops.
7.  Transfered to fermenter at 75F.

Vol. at start of boil: 7 gals.
Vol. at end of boil: 5.5 gals.
Vol. in fermenter: aprox. 4.75 gals.
Vol. in keg: aprox. 4.7 gals.
Pitching Temp: 75F
O.G: 1.067
FG: 1.022
PABV: 5.9%

Nov. 19: Racked off of sediment and into secondary fermenter.

Dec. 5th: Racked to keg and set to carbonate in kegerator.