Tuesday, November 24, 2009

T'is the Holiday Saison

Brew #:23
Brew Date: 24 November, 2009

Recipe based on that developed for the mini-mash version of Brother Levonian saison ale.

6 lbs extra-light dry malt extract
2.0 lbs Vienna malt
1.0 lb flaked wheat
0.5 lb flaked oats
12.0 oz sugar
3.0 oz Saaz hops, 3.0% AA @ 60 min.
19 g. (0.67 oz) Glacier hops, 6.0% AA, @ 30 min.
1.0 oz Glacier hops, 6.0% AA, @ 20 min.
1/8 oz Glacier hops, 6.0% AA, @ 5 min.
1.0 oz Saaz hops, 3.0% AA, @ 0 min.
8.0 oz honey, @ 0 min.
0.5 oz fresh tangerine peel @ 0 min
0.25 tsp black pepper @ 0 min
0.25 tsp turmeric @ 0 min
0.5 oz Kent Goldings, 6.1% AA, dry hopping
2 vials of White Labs WLP565 Saison Ale Yeast

3.0-3.5 volumes CO2 in keg/ 5.4-6.6 oz corn sugar for bottling (for 5-5.5 gals).

Placed grains in 1.3 gals of 151F water and held at between 151F and 164F for 70 mins.  Sparged into boiling kettle with 1.5 gals of 170F water, to make 6 gals in boil.
Added malt extract and sugar, and brought to boil.
Added 60-minute hops, and proceeded to add hops at times indicated above, however the 1 oz of Glacier hops added at 20 minutes was intended to be added at 5 minutes, thus the addition of the remaining 1/8 oz of Glacier hops at 5 minutes.  Added enough water to return volume to 6 gals.
At minute 0, turned off heat and added the honey, 1.0 oz Saaz hops, tumeric, pepper, and tangerine peel.
Cooled wort, and pitched yeast at 84F.

Gals in fermenter: 6
O.G.: not taken

11/24 Pitched yeast at 84F.  Set to ferment with FermWrap to keep temperature above ambient.
11/25 Temp. over 80F, detached FermWrap almost entirely.  Krausen evident.
11/26 Temp at about 76F.
11/30 76F
12/1  76F.  No evident fermentation.
12/3 Racked to secondary fermenter, with addition of 0.5 oz of 6.1%AA Kent Goldings hop pellets.
12/5 75F.  Active fermentation, airlock bubbling frequently.   Is this normal?  Effect of rousting the yeast?
12/13 Turned off FermWrap.
12/21 Kegged beer.

Gals. in Keg:  4.5

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