Friday, November 28, 2008

American Wheat (Sept. 20th, 2008)

Brew #19

(MoreBeer! Kit #125)

3 lbs Bavarian Wheat dry extract
2 lbs Light dry malt extract
0.5 oz Glacier hop pellets (bittering)
1 oz Glacier hop pellets (aroma)
1 tablet Whirfloc clarifying agent
1 vial White Labs California Ale yeast (#WLP001)

1) Brought to boil, 2.5 gals of water;
2) When boiling, turned off heat and stirred in dry extracts and bittering hops;
3) Returned to boil, and boiled for 60 mins.
4) At 40 mins., inserted wort chiller;
5) At 55 mins. added Whirfloc;
6) At 59 mins. added aroma hops;
7) At 60 mins. turned off heat, and started water through wort chiller;
8) When wort cooled somewhat, added to fermenter with 3 gals. cold water;

Temperature at pitching: 86F

Original Gravity: 1.039
Final Gravity: 1.010
ABV: 3.8%

Duration of Fermentation: Kegged on the 10th day (Sept. 30th)

Initial tasting notes: 9/30/08 - Tastes more or less like I'd expect a wheat beer to taste but surely will improve with chilling and carbonation. Hopefully it will ready to drink on Friday.

Tasting notes: 10/12/08 - Tastes pretty good. The flavour has rounded out a bit, and it seems to have a bit more body than before. The wheat flavour comes through nicely.

10/27/08 - There's been a slightly "off" flavor in there from the start, but it hasn't increased over time. Tonight at the DOZE meeting one of the members correctly described it as "Band-Aidey". Several suggested it could be due to chloramines in our tap water, which would not necessarily volatilize in the boil.

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