Saturday, November 29, 2008

Best Bitter

Brew #20

MoreBeer! Kit #118

6 lbs. ultralight malt extract syrup
0.5 lbs light dry malt extract
0.5 lbs Carastan malt
1 oz. Kent Goldings hops (bittering)
2 oz. Kent Goldings hops (flavoring)
1 oz. Kent Goldings hops (aroma)
1 tablet Whirlfloc clarifying agent
1 vial White Labs English Ale Yeast (strain #WLP002 )

Added the Carastan malt to 4.5 gals cool water and allowed to steep as water heated on stove. Removed grain when water reached 170°F.

When water boiled, turned off heat and added malt extracts. Returned to boil and added bittering hops.

At 55 minutes added flavoring hops and Whirlfloc tablet.

At 58 minutes added aroma hops.

Total boil time 60 minutes.

Cool and rack to fermenter. Gallons left in pot at end of boil: 4. Gallons lost to boiling: 0.5. Gallons of cold water in fermenter: 1.25

# of gallons in fermenter: 5.25

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